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The Birth Story of Emily Grace - Fort Lauderdale Birth Photographer

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I had been in contact with Nathalie for a while before she went into labor, so when she messaged me saying she thought she was having contractions for real I was already expecting it.

What I didn't expect was to learn she was already 8cm dilated by the next call! I basically "flew" to her home, praying the whole time I wouldn't miss Emily's arrival.

When I got to their house, she was happily making a sandwich alongside her doula. You would never tell she was already in transition!

Emily's arrival was sudden, but surrounded by so much love and happiness. Big brother was there the whole time and got to give his mom lots of emotional support with his sweet touch, and later shower baby Emily with kisses.

It was truly amazing to witness a mother birthing the way she wanted, a little man become a big brother, and a father fall in love with his baby girl.

Thank you Nathalie, Carlos and Joshua, for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!

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