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Stormy Day Adventuring | East of Oahu

After a long night of growing pains and lots of tears I decided to let the kids sleep in. Instead of staying holed up inside our tiny place while I got work done we grabbed lunch and drove to the east side of the island to explore and play on this windy and stormy day.

As the sun played pick-a-boo, I got to shoot in some moody lighting as well as in some hard light. Both are kinds of light I don't get to shoot in that often and the creative exercise was really good. I was also able to get in the frame a few times with the kids while we had fun on the swings, but also when they were playing quietly in the sand and the storm clouds rolled in. I loved how I can clearly see my children's personality in the last 2 shots: one is my emotional, insecure and cuddly child while the other is the sassy, independent and strong willed child - and I love them both equally <3