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The Home Birth of Hank - Oahu Hawaii Birth Photographer (Former Miami Photographer)

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10 days before Christmas and 12 days after his estimated due date, Hank decided it was time to come earth side.

Twinkly lights everywhere, presents under the Christmas tree, stockings hanging on the wall... it was a cozy and welcoming atmosphere all around.

Lindsey had a fast and furious labor. I'm glad her doula, Lorel (who was also my doula), called me and told me she thought this was going to happen fast and that I should come.

When I arrived, it was obvious she was already in the final stages of labor and that Hank would be making an appearance soon.

Ultimately, he needed a little help from the midwife to be born. His cord was wrapped around his torso, like a vest, and that made his descent take longer. But he arrived, all of 9lbs and 7 oz of him! The whole family's reaction when learning his weight was priceless!

Please enjoy Hank's birth story. It was an honor being there and witnessing such determination, strength and love.

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