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Determination | Birth Center at Castle Medical Center | Kailua Birth Photographer

Ashley’s story is one of determination. She powered through a 3 day induction and dug deep, with the incredible support of her boyfriend, her two best friends and her mom, to push her baby boy into this world.

After a full 24 hours at 4cm, talk of a cesarean started. This is when the miracle began. In an hour she progressed to 6cm. Her body was giving her a fighting chance to have this baby vaginally, like she wanted. After that, I drove to Kailua where we all spent the night witnessing as her body slowly opened. Every 2-3 hours she was making progress and finally at 7:41am baby Luke was born after a couple of hours of pushing and a shoulder dystocia.

Ashley was so exhausted but so relieved. When baby Luke was placed in her arms. the tears were quietly flowing and it was a beautiful moment to be a part of.