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First Born | Kapiolani Medical Center | Honolulu Birth Photographer + Videographer

The Birth of Brooke

First babies are so special. As women, we have no idea what our bodies will go through in order to bring that baby into the world and that can sometimes be scary, but most times exciting.

Jaymie’s induction started with the foley bulb then pitocin, and she actually labored really well through the night and made huge progress. I joined them early in the morning the next day and she was already at 7cm. An hour later she was complete but baby Brooke was sideways so her OB decided to let her labor down for another hour or so and see if Brooke rotated into a better position.

One of Jaymie’s best friends is a labor and delivery nurse at Kapiolani, and it just coincided that she was working that morning. It was a party in that room and the whole mood was perfect for them.

At 12:20 Jaymie did some practice pushes and those went really well, so at around 12:30 she started pushing for real. Brooke came into the world a few pushes later at 1:08pm which was amazing for a first time mom!

Welcome to the world baby Brooke! You are so loved and it was amazing to see all your family there loving on you.