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Hotel Water Birth | Honolulu Birth Photographer

Sarah had planned to give birth at home after having her first daughter in a beautiful unmedicated birth in a birth center on the mainland. The situation changed when their student housing administration did not allow them to give birth at home. Unfazed, they decided to look into hotels in the Waikiki and Ala Moana area that would be close enough to the main hospitals in case of an emergency.

They decided not to hire a doula and her husband said he would step into those shoes and support his wife all throughout labor. And he did just that. He was her rock. He never left her side. It was like a beautiful dance and a very intimate moment.

Sarah was so quiet and in her zone and we all wondered if her labor would last all night. She got into the water and all of a sudden she grunted. We all knew it was time for their baby to arrive. She gently pushed him out and held his head while he entered the world. Then with the help of her midwife, Dr. Lori Kimata, she pulled her baby to her chest.

The warmth, the love and the joy were almost palpable. I am so honored to have been there and to have witnessed such a beautiful labor filled with support and respect. Thank you to the Coles Ohana for inviting me to be a part of such a breathtaking moment for your family <3