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Born in the hallway | Home Birth | Honolulu Birth Photographer + Birth Videographer

I am trying to play catch up and share some amazing birth I’ve had in the last 2 years. This one always comes back to my mind because of the impact it had on me. Seeing Krysta work so hard for long days to bring her sweet baby Sawyer into the world, at the same time my own sister was visiting from Brazil, pregnant with her first baby. My emotions were already heightened, and this raw and powerful birth took me back to my own first birth and the long fight some of us have to bring our first babies into this world.

When I arrived at Brandon and Krysta’s home at 1:30am, I found a quiet and peaceful birth space and Krysta was laboring by herself on a yoga mat. A few hours later it was determined she was only 3cm dilated, so I decided to go back home and sleep the rest of the night. I went back the next day, around 12 hours later when her water bag ruptured spontaneously.

It was still a long and arduous labor for Krysta. While she was making progress, the progress was slow and hard earned. For the next 18 hours she tried the tub, the birthing stool, the bed, went on walks in the rain outside, paced around her living room… it was true hard work, but Krysta’s determination amazed me. She was so strong and so in control, even when some things fell apart around her, her resolve never wavered. She was having this baby!

After trying every single position that her midwives could think of to try and get baby engaged and in a good position for pushing, the hallway with its tight corridor and doorways seemed like a great way to get her legs working with the rest of her body, so they tried that. It was the magic ticket!

Baby Sawyer entered the world at 8:02am in the hallway of their home, after 3 long days of labor, covered in vernix and meconium (the first baby poop) and complaining and crying for everyone to hear. What a powerful moment! Thank you Brandon and Krysta for letting me come to your home and witness the amazing birth of Sawyer <3