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Unexpected Cesarean at Kapiolani | Honolulu Birth Photographer + Videographer



I walked into a hospital room filled with birth affirmations. String lights were set up and the room had a cozy atmosphere. They were trying to make the most of it even if they were completely exhausted from being kept in triage for hours and things having slowed down because of that stressful experience and after already having labored at home for 24 hours.

Things progressed slowly but at a constant pace. I loved seeing these parents-to-be excited and looking through all the outfits they had brought for their baby girl. They had waited so long for her! 5 years to be exact and an IVF journey.

We all celebrated when the bag of waters suddenly ruptured on its own as another long day of labor drew to a close.

But things stalled. And even though her body and her baby were working hard to come earth side, their story took an unexpected turn and we began being prepped for a cesarean. 

I am grateful for having been granted access into the OR once again. Being able to keep documenting their story was crucial in helping my clients analyze and digest the events of that day.

Their sweet Maddy May was born healthy and gorgeous and weighing an unexpected 8lbs 14oz. An amazing nurse was there to make sure this mama got to see her Maddy right away and to hold her on the table. Skin to skin in the OR table always gives me goose bumps. It's such an emotionally charged moment and one I truly love capturing for my cesarean births.

And after all was settled down, to see dad finally celebrating the birth of his daughter was a moment I'll never forget.