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Scheduled Cesarean at Castle Medical Center | Kailua, HI | The Birth of Hudson


I remember the day Amber emailed me. She had found my instagram and immediately went to my website and spent the whole night looking through all the birth stories and all the videos and pictures I have here. She told me she knew right away she wanted me there to document her scheduled cesarean of her second baby. I was blown away by her email and in tears at her immediate connection to my work.

We truly made some magic together as they met and greeted baby Hudson into the world, bum first since he was breech, and just loved on him right there on the operating table. Skin to skin in the OR for cesarean moms is a huge deal and I'm always so thankful for those nurses that come along and facilitate that to happen for mom and baby.

I was able to follow them into the recovery room, and then to their room where big sister met her baby brother (with some hesitancy at first) for the first time. Grandma, grandpa and even great grandma and great grandpa were there too! It was an awesome experience all around and I am thankful I was able to capture Hudson's big entrance earth side.