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Unexpected Cesarean at Tripler Medical Center | Honolulu, HI Birth Photographer

The Toro Family welcomed baby Sammy back in December of 2016.

They had been trying for 14 years to have a baby and when that finally happened, they moved to Hawaii mid-pregnancy. They contacted me right away and asked me to document their pregnancy and their birth. What an honor it was to help them tell their beautiful and miraculous story via photography!

On the day of Sammy's birth, they went through a very long early labor. When I finally got the call to come, mom had been sleeping for about 5 hours straight after a dose of Stadol and had gone all the way to complete and was going to start pushing. I was so thankful that it was late at night and that I wasn't gonna run into any traffic because living on the North Shore of the island does make my commute a bit long. I was also super thankful to the guard that let me in without making me go to another base to get a pass (this is a military hospital after all).

They were already pushing when I walked in. Baby had waited!

After pushing very effectively for a couple of hours, the OB team decided that baby wasn't moving past the pelvis and the decision to operate was made. At Tripler I don't get allowed into the OR, so dad agreed to take my camera with him and capture as much as he could - and he did an awesome job!

I was allowed in the recovery area and captured dad completely in love with his son while we waited for mom to be wheeled in. It was beautiful! 

A birth is a love story; and being able to capture Sammy's birth story was such an honor because there was SO MUCH LOVE. After 14 years he is finally here and safe in his parents arms <3