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Unexpected Cesarean at Castle Medical Center | Kailua Birth Photographer



Birth is unpredictable.

We plan and we hope, and sometimes all that we envisioned doesn't really happen...

Ryder's birth story started with unexpected news: induction. At the same time, my lifeproof cel phone case leaked water and my phone had to go in a bag of rice. Thank God for all the backup measures we take as birth photographers! Communication was great and I was able to go to the hospital just when my client was hitting active labor.

Laboring on pitocin is no joke and I am always in awe of how strong women are! This hospital is very supportive of going as natural as you can and has jacuzzi tubs in all of their room so that moms can use hydrotherapy to alleviate the intensity of contractions.
Husbands who take on an active role during labor and birth are also such a pleasure to document! 

As the day turned into night, contractions got more intense, baby descended and mom dilated to a 9cm... after 5 long hours, no changes had happened and the option of cesarean section was discussed.

I am immensely grateful for clients who advocate for their needs, and also for doctors and hospitals who are understanding. I was allowed to go inside the OR with mom and dad. I got to capture some great shots of baby being born. The birth itself didn't go at all as planned, but to be able to capture these moments for my clients was really priceless as so many cesarean section parents don't have these moments professionally captured.

Seeing, touching, smelling your baby for the first time. Holding that little person full of life. This is what I strive to capture for my clients - in any birthing situation.

Please enjoy Ryder's birth story.