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2017 Image of The Year Competition | International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

If you are a birth photographer you know that this is the biggest competition we have every year. It's always amazing to see the amount of talent in our small industry, but this year it's just over the top.


Birth is beautiful. There's no other way of putting it. The winning images prove it without a doubt, and I am so honored to call some of these ladies my friends and colleagues. And you know the best part? I get to meet Jaydene of Cradled Creations this week and give her a big hug and congratulate her in person for her amazing feat of winning the competition! I also get to shoot her babymoon session guys! I am so excited it hurts!!!!

Please click here to view the winners, but also take the time to view all of the entries, because there are some pretty incredible images in there.

This year I entered into 2 categories, delivery and postpartum. These were my entries and their backstories:


This brave mother birthed her baby without any pain medication after a 2 day induction. She is 46 years old and was told her whole life she would never have babies. This is her second baby. Her first was only 18 months at the time of this birth. Such an incredible moment for her!


This image is from one of the most amazing home births I've had the pleasure of documenting. Mama birthed her 4th girl surrounded by her daughters and her husband. Baby surprised us all by looking up into the camera and this amazing shot happened. You cannot script birth and that's one of the most beautiful things about it!

To view the work of some of my favorite birth photographers all over the world, please visit theit websites. You won't regret it!

Elise Hurst Jennifer Mason | Monet Moutrie | Brezi Merryman | Kayla Gonzales | Esther Edith | Vanessa Mendez | Kim Be | Michele Steiner | Isabell Steinert | Rachel Utain-Evans | Cameron Zegers | Jackie Parr-Akiona | Jo Robertson | Hannah Palamara | Brittany Reynosa | Katie Lewis | Ashley Short | Jennifer Hamilton | Taryn Starkey Jenny Gullen | Danica Donnelly | Kylie Garces | Tamara Milldove | Jessie Fultz | Elaine Baca | Dorothea Schulz | Ashlan Taylor | Jennifer Conway | Camille Borba | Holly Michelle | Jessica Mielke | Heather SearsRaven Dibble | Kendall Blacker | Rachel Demand | Sarah Stanley | Ginessa Cline Pierson | Jessica French Peterson | Elizabeth DeGrazia Boyce | Amanda Bradley McGhee | Donna Hedgcock | Nicole Churchin | Stephanie Entin | Julie Dater-TwomeyCarlee Melenko