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Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

Why Hire a Birth Photographer? Oahu Hawaii Birth Photographer and Birth Videographer.



Birth Photography is still very much an up-and-coming genre of photography.

Many people don't know Professional Birth Photography exists... and if they've heard of it, they might not truly understand why a woman would want a complete stranger with a camera present when she's giving birth.

"Gross, why would anyone want THAT captured?" - I've heard it countless times. What you might not understand, is that Birth Photography is not just about a picture of a baby physically coming out of a vagina or an incision. It is SO MUCH MORE!

Birth Photography is about telling a story. Birth Photography is about documenting the anticipation of those hours before your baby is born. Birth Photography is about documenting that exact moment when you look at your baby for the first time, hold them in your arms, smell their smell for the first time, hear their cry for the first time.

Birth Photography is about telling the story of the miracle of life and love.

As a Professional Birth Photographer accredited by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, I work under a strict Code of Ethics and I also strive to capture images that can be shown to all audiences and to tell your story in the most objective and artistic way.

By hiring me, you're not only getting a stranger with a fancy camera and great pictures. You are getting an experience and a supporter.


...instead of just having your partner/mom/doula/friend-with-a-good-camera take pictures for you?


Hiring a Birth Photographer is a very personal decision. No one can make this decision for you. But I hope these important points might help you in making the decision of hiring me as your Birth Photographer in the near future.


A Birth Story is a full visual story. It aims to tell your story on the day of your baby's birth. As a Professional Birth Photographer and a storyteller, I will capture your WHOLE story with a trained artistic eye. With a full Birth Story in your hands, you will always be able to look back and remember the story in its entirety, and you will also be able to show your child the story of the day you met them and welcomed them into your family.


As a Professional Birth Photographer I know how to objectively capture your story without interfering with it. A family member or friend are usually emotionally invested in the process, and might not remember to keep shooting while they're seeing you go through a painful contraction or if they're admiring that beautiful freshly born baby. Also, a family member or friend will often capture images that are too graphic to show anyone else. As a Professional Birth Photographer, I also know how to tastefully and artistically capture the moment of birth without it being too graphic or gruesome.


A friend or family member with a "good" camera could very well take photos for you. However, a "good" camera set on auto mode still leaves you with blurry, or too dark, or too bright images - because the camera is thinking on its own, and not doing what a Professional Birth Photographer (with experience in shooting in very low or nonexistent light!) tells it to do. Relying on a Professional to document one of the most important days of your life is guaranteed to give you awesome images! Relying on a camera's thinking ability... well, that is a very big gamble that could leave you empty handed.

Your partner can be a great photographer! However, giving your partner the role of photographer will deprive him of more crucial roles: your support during labor and delivery and his participation at the moment of birth. Who is going to capture that part of your story? Who is going to capture the moment when your partner lays eyes on his child, and finally holds that little baby for the first time? By hiring a Birth Photographer you are giving the whole family the gift of being in the pictures, and being a part of the story!


And perhaps the most important aspect of having a Birth Photographer present (in my opinion), is that all those "first" important moments are being professionally documented and preserved... and I'm not talking about snapshots of a few moments, but about your whole journey being artistically captured through images that you will be proud of having printed and displayed in your home, and leaving as a legacy to your child.