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The Birth of Jett - Emergency Cesarean - Honolulu Birth Photographer and Birth Videographer



Jett's story is different from any birth story I've captured in my 3 years of working as a Birth Photographer, but it might be one of the most beautiful outcomes I've witnessed.

My client started having contractions on March 17th. She was 37 weeks along and this didn't surprise either of us since it was suspected she'd deliver earlier than her actual due date. The biggest surprise would be the gender of the baby, which Mom and Dad had been waiting to find out at birth!

On March 18th, as we were in communication to decide when I should come over, the decision to break Mom's bag of waters to insert an internal heart monitor for baby was made.
As soon as that happened, baby's heart rate went down and she was rushed into the OR.

As I was on my way to meet them, and after failed attempts to bring baby's heart back up, and emergency cesarean section was performed. Dad wasn't able to be in the OR.
Jett wasn't born breathing and had to be resuscitated. Mom just caught a quick glance of her daughter before she was taken to the NICU accompanied by Dad.

I arrived as Mom was brought into the room for recovery. She still hadn't really seen or touched her daughter. I was able to document the first time she touched Jett, who was brought into the room before being transported to one of the only hospitals in Oahu that has a full NICU unit.
It was an intense moment. I felt like an intruder in such a personal and emotional moment, but knew that they would later appreciate having these moments caught on film and photos, so I did my job and captured as much as I could.

10 days later I met them at Kapiolani Hospital to document a healthy Jett Ann being brought home. I got to ride in the car with my clients and to document their first moments as a family in their home.

I am extremely grateful to have been able to document Jett's story. It didn't go as planned - at all. But she will now have this story of love to look back on when she's a little bigger. She will see how strong and brave her parents were, how she was a fighter from the moment of birth, and how much she is loved. Her name is perfect and I could never put it better than Mom did:

"So with a room full of medical professionals and our daughter set to be transported for quite a fight, we decided on Jett Ann. With her full head of dark hair and her dramatic entrance, it felt perfect." - Kristi, Jett's Mom.

Please grab some tissue and watch Jett's story below.