The Sophia Co


This is my second consecutive year of getting in the frame with both my kids once a week for a whole year. By the end of 2017 I will (hopefully) have a collection of 52 images where I'll be in them! Follow the hashtag on my personal Instagram for weekly updates.


Week 14 - Practicing pumping together at our weekly Family Skate Night at Hickam Skatepark.

Week 12 - Took everyone with me for a sunrise shoot and then hit the empty skatepark.

Week 11 - Curious to see what our eye and skin color looked side by side, we took some close up portraits this week. 

Week 10 - A hot and muggy day called for a midday swim in our $8 pool.

Week 9 - After 2 births in 2 days and feeling pooped out, I took some time to play with the kids when the sprinklers came on  It was amazing to decompress and have fun with them!

Week 6 - One is strong willed and independent... the other is emotional and insecure. They couldn't be more different than one another but they have equal parts in my heart ❤

Week 5 - Hanging out at our rad indoor mini ramp as much as we can because we have to move out in March and I don't know if we'll be able to hang on to it.

Week 4 - This project is geared mostly towards capturing my adventures with my kids. I want them to remember the good times we had together when we are all old and wrinkly. Biking in dirt roads in our slice of paradise here on the country side of Oahu is a current favorite.

Week 3 - An afternoon where we had our local playground practically to ourselves and Lukka was pushing Maili on the swing.

Week 2 - Finally well enough to go for a much needed swim in the ocean.

Week 1 - We've been holed up since January 1st with a violent flu. Today was the first day they asked to go outside, which means things are finally on the mend.