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Sophia Costa is a photographer and filmmaker based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

A little about me

I am a wife and a mother to two children that are very different from each other and challenge me everyday to become a better person and a better mother. I am an artist. I am a lover of Jesus, coffee, salt water, adventure and vibrant colors.

I found my way to Hawaii in 2005 when I came to work with Surfing the Nations for a year - it was the first time I ever left my home in Brazil to live abroad. I met my husband the day I arrived in O'ahu and never really made it back home! We built our little family by adding two beautiful kids to our lives, left the island for 3 years, then made our way back in 2015 because the North Shore of O'ahu is what home feels like for us and it's where we want our kids to grow up.

The ocean has always been one of my biggest inspirations. As a teenager I would spend hours painting the perfect deserted beach and wave upon wave rolling in - always with vibrant and bold colors. Today, I love that I am able to tell stories through my photography and motion films while infusing them with my love of color, water and light.

So why Birth Photography? Birth Photography rarely has lots of color, water and light; and while I love those elements fiercely, telling stories is also a great passion. For me, there is no greater love story than the birth of a child. With each of my children's births I discovered a love so great and selfless that made the journey of carrying and birthing them worth every second. This journey needs to documented. Your child's love story needs to be preserved so that they can see how much they were loved from the start.

I hope that my work speaks to you whether you're just browsing through or trying to find a photographer and film maker to document YOUR stories.

This is a little peek into one of our recent adventures. I hope this gives you a chance to learn a little about me and my family.

I choose to document what’s real because life is the ultimate form of art
— Sophia Costa

Awards /

Top Birth Photograph of 2015 | Light Inspired

Voice 2016 Finalist | Click&Company


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