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A Year in Images | 2017

Documenting 2017 with images and their stories.

Day 96 - Lukka surfed for the first time and rode a wave for the first time today! 

Day 95 - Impromptu middle of the week skate session at Hickam because it was pouring at Banzai.

Day 94 - A day at Magic Island to celebrate her best friend's birthday.

Day 93 - Barbecue night with Uncle Sergio, Tia Carly and Dadassah.

Day 92 - Saturday mornings at Proper Rideshop.

Day 91 - We've been putting Maili's pads on for Hickam Skate Nights and taking her on the mini ramp.

Day 90 - We baked a rainbow cake today, just us girls. After having a large piece and being told "no more", Maili grabbed a chair, climbed on the counter and ate a quarter or the cake leaving rainbow crumbs all over the kitchen while I was working. She got a long time out and a tummy ache to go with her sneakiness...

Day 89 - After a hot day we cooled down playing in their current favorite spot: the yard.

Day 88 - The kids had their first jiu-jitsu class. Maili loved the games. Lukka cried at the intensity of the one-on-one.

Day 87 - Slip'n'sliding a hundred times in a row.

Day 86 - Stopped at the Surfer's Coffee Bar for some açaí after Maili's music class and the kids spotted this donut and asked to share it.

Day 85 - Lukka swam under a shore break and he had a smile on his face! These last 2 years have been the most amazing thing for this kid and I'm so incredibly grateful that our decision to move back to Hawaii proves to be the best thing we ever did for our family time and time again. 

Day 84 - Banzai sessions on overcast days are perfect since he usually gets hot fast and needs to go sit in the car with the AC on.

Day 83 - They wanted a snack, so Lukka made them a spinach and ham sandwich all by himself.

Day 82 - Woke up to both of them playing quietly in the kitchen.

Day 81 - We bought some plants and he picked these flowers to be "his" plant. I dropped the hose on them right after this shot and broke most of the stems :(

Day 80 - She's always sneaking around these days... and then she makes this face when she gets caught.


Day 79 - He seems to be back on fire with skateboarding.

Day 78 - Jumping on a trampoline in the middle of the ocean. Great start to his Spring Break!

Day 77 - Sunset playtime in the yard. (freelensed)

Day 76 - He helped me make gnocchi from scratch today and called himself "chef".

Day 75 - Dad spent his lunch hour surfing, so we went along for some ocean fun.

Day 74 - She asks to see Pono everyday when we drop off Dad at work.

Day 73 - Puddles after the sprinklers went off and fiery sunsets for the win.

Day 72 - Got the whole family to come with me to Hawaii Kai to see the sunrise while I shot a sunrise session and then we hit the skatepark and had it all to ourselves. Wish all Mondays were like this!


Day 71 - My view from the car as I was leaving to shoot a sunset session.


Day 70 - The best $8 I've ever spent! They wanna live inside this pool.

Day 69 - Splashing around at sunset time <3

Day 68 - Seems like she's constantly pissed these days.

Day 67 - She went through 2 bottles of "bubble liquid" and asks for more every day.

Day 66 - "I'm so pretty mama".

Day 65 - After 2 births in 2 days and feeling pooped out, I took some time to play with the kids when the sprinklers came on and the light was to die for. It was amazing to decompress and have fun with them!

Day 64 - First time enjoying an amazing sunset from the front yard and with "Dadassah" over.

Day 63 - I'm already loving the light at the new place. And Maili found my jewelry box and has been walking around with my moon necklace.

Day 62 - Last morning and school routine at the old apartment. Moving truck comes at noon.

Day 61 - Our moving day was pushed back a couple of days because of the freak storm :/ So among boxes we stay. 

Day 60 - We were supposed to move today but once we woke up and everything was dark and storm clouds were rolling in, we quickly had to decide to wait a few days. Smart move. It rained SO MUCH.

Day 59 - I love it when he wakes up and HAS to let light in.

Day 58 - One on one time with Maili while Lukka has a shred session at Proper.

Day 57 - Saturdays in town means Makiki Skatepark and trying new hot dog places.

Day 56 - trying out sketchy cupcakes from a Chinese Bakery in China Town.

Day 55 - Lukka's first concert! Him and Gui went to see Journey live at the Blaisdell Arena.

Day 54 - They've both been sleeping on the ramp just off the mattress ever since we made this their bed. I had to document it before we take the ramp down.

Day 53 - Mid-morning break with friends and discovering new fun places!

Day 52 - Let's just say these two sabotaged my packing attempts - not that I'm complaining. Who likes packing anyway?

Day 51 - Midday sun means blue tones for days... We practically had the beach to ourselves today in town. Pretty impressive for a Holiday!

Day 50 - Gonna miss seeing him climb this wall.

Day 49 - Nailing new tricks.

Day 48 - The best place to have gelato because of her dairy allergy. So many vegan options!

Day 47 - Impromptu snorkeling adventures at secret tidepools.

Day 46 - Post drum lesson snacks at Green World Coffee Farm.

Day 45 - We found an amazing new place to live! God is so good and we're excited to move in in a few weeks!

Day 44 - Skating in your underwear has to be a thing.

Day 43 - Gorgeous sunset after a day of intense storms.

Day 42 - Adventures in the valley.

Day 41 - Play-doh obsessed.

Day 40 - "Mommy! Lukka is not sharing!"

Day 39 - Playing with the neighbor's toys :D

Day 38 - Breakfast out... just us girls.

Day 37 - Bedhead and waffles before school.

Day 36 - An afternoon in Kailua playing in the baby waves.

Day 35 - One is strong willed and independent. The other is emotional and insecure. They couldn't be more different from each other, but they both have equal parts of my heart.

Day 34 - Finding new spots to explore! 

Day 33 - Skipped school for this after a night of growing pains.

Day 32 - Getting weird at the ramp with double exposures.

Day 31 - Skating his ramp as much as possible because we found out today we have to move by March 1st and we don't know if we'll be able to re-install the ramp.

Day 30 - Lots of arnica and her face is finally not swollen and less bruised. Poor thing!

Day 29 - Cake pops at Target. Every.single.time.

Day 28 - Maili fell face first on the parking lot yesterday night. This is her swollen face when she woke up this morning.


Day 27 - Movie Night at our Elementary School.

Day 26 - Double rainbow!

Day 25 - The day he gave his heart to Jesus <3

Day 24 - Country bike rides

Day 23 - Today was the first day since school started 2 weeks ago that he didn't wake up crying. We're finally beating this anxiety thing!

Day 22 - Finally getting back to our Hickam Nights

Day 21 - Pj Masks at Target so I can remember the way she says Owlette "Owe-ette"

Day 20 - Finally testing out the new balance bike that grandma and grandpa gave her for Christmas!

Day 19 - Collecting coffee cherries from the ground at the coffee farm

Day 18 - While Lukka takes drum lessons, we explore the neighborhood's cool murals.

Day 17 - Had the playground all to ourselves!

Day 16 - First test drive at the brand new Proper Rideshop 2.0

Day 15 - We might've stayed too long without going in the ocean! Lukka complained his ears were cold, his legs were cold, that there was water inside his wetsuit... Saltwater therapy is planned for the next week!

Day 14 - Finally well enough to go to the ocean!

Day 13 - Dropped off the boys at school and work this morning and noticed how voggy the air was, so we went on an impromptu exploring adventure to catch that amazing light.

Day 12 - Our daily ordeal! Undoing the crazy dreadlocks she does in her hair. Bonus points for catching her sucking on her thumb and digging in her nose at the same time :)

Day 11 - We finally played outside for a bit today! And under the waxing moon to make it even more special and exciting!

Day 10 - First day back to school for Lukka and back to work for dad, so us girls enjoyed the morning sun while I sipped my first cup of coffee in days!

Day 09 - This couch has been everyone's favorite spot since we got back home.

Day 08 - These last 8 days of sickness have pushed me to keep picking up my camera and documenting our first days of 2017 even if they're not the best days.

Day 07 - Today was the first day that we all felt somewhat like normal people. Maili even asked to go outside!

Day 06 - Still holed up inside but things have finally taken a turn for the better today.

Day 05 - Still sick, so the balance bike debut had to be indoors.

Day 04 - Lots of popsicles and movies to keep fevers down.

Day 03 - Sick days calls for lots of painting time... and staying in our undies.

Day 02 - Our 5th febrile seizure in 3 years happened today. I'll never get over the gut wrenching feeling of seeing my daughter go through this.

Day 01 - Got the dreaded flu in Washington State and had to fly home as sick as dogs. But we made it.