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3 Day Induction | The Birth of John

A 3 Day Induction With No Pain Meds at The Queen's Medical Center | Honolulu, HI

The birth of John Marshall Suthard

Alex had been told her whole adult life that she wouldn't be able to conceive, so when she got married in her early 40s and went on a trip to Africa with her husband, imagine their surprise when she discovered they were expecting!

After a traumatic birth with her first and finding out they were expecting a second baby just a year later, she looked into a more family centered birth option. She hired a doula, who is also an amazing local midwife, and who helped her advocate for the birth she wanted and needed. And she hired me to document their journey - and what an amazing journey it turned out to be!

At 46 years old, Alex birthed her 9lbs5oz baby naturally after a an induction that lasted 3 days! Her energy and determination left me speechless as I clicked my camera's shutter button in awe of this woman's power. I am a short woman, and as I captured this tall, imposing, wonderful mother, standing on her hospital bed and roaring her baby out... I get goosebumps just remembering that amazing moment.

With lots and lots of support from her birth team, baby John was born in the morning of Thanksgiving day. 

I always say that I don't remember a birth by how long it was, but by how powerful it was. This birth was my longest so far. I was there for 2 days... and while it is hard on us birth workers to be away from our families and from our own babies, watching this incredible woman and her birthing journey come to completion gave me the most amazing birth high ever.

Birth is amazing! How blessed am I that I get to capture this for these families?